This year has been the year of clay and enameled cookware. I love my wedgwood classic white plates, but for some variety, I like to use my clay dishes and enameled cookware. It feels rustic and relaxed, albeit trendy and modern. Below are some dishes I've been eyeballing. You can also get your own sets of the classic Wedgwood White dishes. They're made of porcelain and so durable. They're excellent everyday ware. I can tell you that the Staub cookware is really amazing. It's like Le Creuset, but even better. 


Everybody needs some basics. You can find cheaper dishes at Target, but they won't last you nearly as long. You might as well get the same dishes that people have been buying newlyweds for generations, like the classic white Wedgwood dishes. Don't forget the bowls. 

More to come. Keep an eye on my blog for recommended items from Amazon and even places like Target. ;-)