My Favorite Tools

You can get your own fun and special tools and decor below.

Wine DECANTER, bubble wine glasses, and Olive wood sALT CELLAR

On my Thanksgiving table, you saw a decanter like this with beautiful red wine in it. Order yours now for your holiday gatherings! This one has a classic decanter shape with a wooden ball stopper and a dryer stand. The wine glasses have bubbles in the glass and the salt pinch bowl has a magnet to keep it closed. 

serving dishes and linen

Serving dishes are paramount to serving up your favorite dishes. ;-) 

Sous Vide

This year, I started a new tradition. I did my turkey with Sous Vide! Yes, It means you don't have a whole turkey to impress your friends with, but the flavor will more than make up for it! Your friends and family will be RAVING about your delicious and juicy turkey! Both the Anova and the Joule are great machines. The Joule requires you to use your phone via bluetooth or wifi to control it. I like them both. 

Hello, World!

IMG_8275 2.JPG