Dishes I've Cooked - But I don't quite remember what they were. 

You know how you make cool food and you take pictures because the dishes look sexy, but you go back to check the pictures weeks or months afterward, and guess what - you don't know what you made! Creativity comes at the most opportune time, but making it and getting it delivered fresh takes priority over posting blog pictures. Here is a spot where I can share random photos with you all. Some of the dishes I actually might remember the names of and will write blogs about. Others can just live here and we'll call it for posterity. 

Some Kind of Sausage over polenta

Pork Chop with Baked Apple, Sweet Potato and Egg Salad and Sugar Snap Peas

Paleo Blueberry Cobbler

 Paleo Bouillabaise

Paleo Bouillabaise

Here's a bunch of food pictures that I hope to get blog posts written about. But I thought you'd enjoy a few images of what I do.