Latin Style Paleo Breakfast


Breakfast is one of my absolute favorite meals. It's usually the most creative of meals and this morning proves just how it can be interesting, protein filled and healthy... and tasty! SO TASTY!!!!


I was looking in the fridge for ingredients for an omelet. As usual, I found the leftover flap steak from dinner last night, veggies from the crisper, eggs... 

Then I saw it! I made carnitas this weekend. It's moments like this when I'm thankful that I always make extra. 

That's when it hit me. I have plantains, pico de gallo, and eggs. Done deal! I'm making a composed Latin style Paleo breakfast. This protein filled meal was just the exotic jump start my day needed. Luckily, I had my camera handy, and was snap happy. 

Over medium heat, I sautéed some onions that I cut longways into half circles and added the carnitas and let them get a little crispiness to them. Then I lowered the heat and scooted the carnitas to one side of the pan and started wilting some spinach. As I let the spinach wilt down, I kept adding more spinach until I had enough for 2 servings. Those were working slowly and I had 2 more burners going. I heated up some water to a low boil and a medium skillet to medium heat with coconut oil melting as it heats up. 


I got some coconut oil melting in a skillet over medium high heat for the tostones. 


Instead of tortillas fried into tostadas, I like to make tostones. Tostones are flattened and fried plantains. My version is large like a tostada, but fluffy and creamy inside and helps to anchor the flavors of the carnitas and eggs. 

Begin by cutting off the pointed tips and ends of the plantain. 




Next, cut the plantain into 2 inch long segments. Really, this depends on how large your plantain is. Some of these things get huge. These were smaller than normal - about the size of an actual banana. 

A quick note about picking plantains. If you like your plantains sweeter, go for more yellow. If you want a less sweet tostone, go for more green plantains. Try to get them when they feel moist. As they get old, whether they're green or yellow, they get stringy and the peel doesn't want to come off. Don't buy them if they're black. That's just gross. 


Set yourself up with a piece of parchment paper and spray the paper with a little spray oil. I usually don't condone the use of the microwave, but in this case, the microwave is your friend for these little gems. Microwave the plantain segments for about 30 seconds. 


Then place the slightly softened segments in the center of half of the parchment paper and fold the other half over it and press the plantain segment into a dome with the cup of your hand. 


Use the underside of a plate to press the plantain mound flat like a tortilla. 


After you peel the parchment paper away, gently peel off the other side of the paper. Slip the flattened plantain into the oil and fry until the edges begin to color. Flip and fry the other side to a golden brown. Drain the tostones on a paper towels and sprinkle with salt. 


Pile your carnitas on top of a fresh tostone and top with sautéed spinach and pico de gallo. I also poached some eggs and perched the poached pouch of yummy goodness on top of the mound. Make yourself a couple extra tostones. They're kind of addicting!