You know your honey loves you when he gets you kitchen equipment for christmas. And mine LOVES me. This year, I wanted a toaster oven. As I'm doing meal prep for myself and my clients, I hate the thought of powering up the big oven just to reheat an individual meal. (Why would you microwave all that healthful organic produce when the microwave kills the nutrients you're paying the organic prices for in the first place?) So, I encourage my clients to use the toaster oven, whenever they can. (Transfer your meals to an ovenable container, please.) You're allowed to use the microwave at work or at the gym, if that's all you have. Let's be reasonable about it. Honestly, the toaster oven reheats your food almost as fast as the microwave and the quality level is undeniably better sans the waves de micro. 

I knew I wanted a Breville. I just didn't know that I would find one with an AIR FRYER included in the many functions. An AIR FRYER! Good lord! Someone pass the smelling salts! We have often tried to spruce up a package of chicken tenders for dinner by tossing them in a little oil and showering them with salt and pepper before baking them for 20 minutes in the oven. Heating up the entire kitchen and wasting, who knows how much, gas. 

Enter the Breville Smart Oven Air. It bakes, it roasts, it proofs, it conventions, it dehydrates... it does everything that my TOTO washlet doesn't! (Sorry if I've lost you, but if you haven't used a TOTO, you're really missing out!)

The first thing we cooked in the oven was a 4 pound chicken. It says it can roast a turkey up to 11 pounds! I don't know how, although I am more than willing to try. That is, if I wasn't so sold on sous vide as such a solid way of doing my turkey. The chicken was dynamite! I seasoned it and stuffed it, loosely, with aromatics and then I laid it one a bed of vegetables and potatoes to have an all in one meal that would make your grandmother proud. I roasted it for an hour, checked it by spreading the leg away from the body and checked for clear juices. It wasn't clear, so I returned the chicken to the oven for another 15 minutes. DONE! 


Leftovers are flavorful, tender and juicy! And I did it in my Breville! 

This afternoon, I was at home doing some work for a big event I have tomorrow, and I remembered that I have some gluten free chicken tenders in the freezer. Breville AIR FRYER to the rescue! The function on the oven automatically sets the "fry" time to 20 minutes. I thought I would let it go for that long, but after it had me turn the tray with a sound of the alarm, I realized they were nearly done. These chicken tenders are so crispy and crunchy! I would swear they just came out of the actual fryer! I'm a believer! You will be, too, once you try anything in this beautiful amazing machine! (Not mine, get your own! Scroll down!)


I'm serious! It's really so good! Below is the link to buy one for yourself on Amazon. Tell me what you've done with yours. I'm running to the store to get the ingredients for my everything bagel seasoning that I'm giving to my clients for the holidays. Guess what! I will need to dehydrate my onions for the seasoning mix. Breville to the rescue, once again!